Monday, April 26, 2010

100 Themes Challenge

This project is set! I am so excited that there are tons of WEBookers participating! It really does give me great pleasure when I see all the submissions.
But remember:
The winner will be chosen by the three judges that have not participated in this challenge.
The person with the highest score will win and get some prize that will be decided on later.
How you're getting judged:
There are three categories that are being scored on:
Originality ~ what separates your entry with everyone elses
Quality ~ how well your writing is
How Well the Story is on the Topic ~ well, that's pretty self explanitory
And the judges are:
EmilyKnight -- Most of you know her as the awesome 12-year-old author of the Puppet Master, Nevermore, and The Inhumans Series. Also one of the awesomest person on WEBook. Thank you~
Kirston -- Yes. That's her username on WEBook. She's the author of Land of Shadows, Deadly Accusations, and Hopeless.
If you would like to be the third judge, message Rita_Renne on WEBook to ask for a spot. Whoever messages first will be the winner.
The only reason you WOULDN'T be chosen is if you have already submitted something under the Challenge.
You will have to hurry if you are to submit something. There is no due date as of yet, but if we get all 100 Themes selected, it would be a month after the last theme is chosen.
Good luck!!
~Rita_Renne C: